My 4 year old had requested that "Dad" take him fishing this weekend. I figured the weather was comfortable enough that I wouldn't come home with a 30lb popsicle for a son, so I loaded up the truck and headed north on Highway 93.

As always, I stop in Pablo and say hello to Dick Zimmer at Zimmer Tackle. He is a great guy and always has the latest news on where the fish are biting. I had originally planned to hit up Pablo Reservoir for perch. But, after talking to Zimmer, he informed me that the early ice and lack of good oxygen in Pablo, has lead to a "sluggish bite." Zimmer informed me that I would be better off on the East Bay of Flathead Lake.

Anglers have been finding the fish in 3-5 foot of water. But, as I learned, East Bay is really shallow. In order to get to 3-5 foot depth required walking 1/4 mile out onto the ice. With 100lbs of gear behind me, I drug everyone/everything on what seemed like a never ending trek.

I was told by Zimmer that you need to find the weed beds. The perch are hunted by the lake trout and prefer the weed beds for protection. Poke a couple holes and look for weeds. If you find a weed bed, stay on it and you should find the fish.

I used a chartreuse trilobite, with a Zimmer tackle "Drop Shot" hook. Dick will be more than happy to "hook you up" when you stop in.


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