On June 26, Philip Anselmo took part in a 60-minute interview and 30-minute question and answer session in Louisville, Ky. Footage has now surfaced from the event where the singer harps on arrogant rock star attitudes while simultaneously praising some of the genre's biggest icons.

In the video above (via Decibel Geek), Anselmo opens up with a bit about Ozzy Osbourne handing him pills from a cellophane bag and breaking down the dressing room door. Talking about touring with Black Sabbath, he shifted his focus to the character of the members of the band, including on-and-off frontman Ronnie James Dio and how they show humility unlike other rockers who hold a similar status.

"This is why I say I f--king hate rock stars," he began, "Because when I see some a--hole rock star walking around, strutting around like they wrote a song or something… It's, like, 'A--hole, motherf--kers write songs in their bedroom. What makes you different?' You cannot walk 10 feet in someone else's g--damn f--king shoes. Come back down to earth, you f--khead."

Listing rock stars he's met, Anselmo went on, "I've met and I've hung out with Lemmy Kilmister. I've known Lemmy, I've known Dio, I've known Ozzy, I've known Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler... You keep f--king going. I've known 'em. I've spent time with 'em. And you know what? They're the nicest, the most down-to-earth people I've ever f--king met." On that note, he instructed the crowd to deliver the middle finger salute, exclaiming, "So ladies and gentlemen, let's have a unanimous bird finger to rock stars."

Anselmo reiterated his stance, again telling the crowd that if any rocker gives them attitude, to "give 'em the old f--king bird finger from 'The Kid.'" Discussing how it's "so much easier to be a dick," the singer stressed the importance of listening to fans and to "be real as f--k with people," adding that those who hide behind fake names in comments sections are "p--sies." In closing, he said that "most people I meet — and I mean, like, ninety-nine-point-motherf--king-nine percent — are down to earth, cool and f--king awesome, and I love 'em."

It's been a rough 2016 for the Pantera legend as he currently endures the fallout from throwing a Nazi salute onstage and bellowing "White power!" at the conclusion of the annual Dimebash event which took place in January. Following multiple show cancellations as a result, he urged his sludge act Down to move on without him, but he still remains the frontman for the group.

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