The male pilot of an ultralight aircraft that crashed near Ronan on Friday afternoon was injured and taken to a local hospital for treatment of undetermined injuries.

Lake County Sheriff Don Bell said the aircraft crashed in a field near the pilot's home.

"This was the maiden voyage of the aircraft," said Sheriff Bell. "He was flying around this field adjacent to his residence, and I don't know if there was some mechanical difficulty, but he ended up landing very hard and then flipping onto its top."

Bell said the pilot was injured in the crash.

"He was injured and has been taken to a local hospital," Bell continued. "He had a cut on his head, but aside from that I couldn't tell how badly he was injured."

Bell described the aircraft as being approximately 18 feet long and 20 to 25 feet wide and there was a soft plastic covering over the aircraft that was soft enough to tear with your hands.

Bell said the man's family witnessed the crash.

"The family was on the scene and said the man has had the aircraft for three years, but this was the first time he's flown it," Bell said. "The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has been notified, but since it was not a commercial flight, we're not sure if the National Transportation Safety Board will be involved."

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