I have always been fortunate when it comes to finding crazy bargains online. I have also been a master at haggling the price down to where I want it. I guess I can probably thank my parents for waking me up early on weekends when I was young and forcing me to go to every garage sale in town. Or Dad forcing me to sit in on every used car deal he has ever had to make. Regardless I have made some great deals in my adult life.

Now, keep in mind that I am living on a Radio DJs salary. Radio DJs fall somewhere in between High School Custodian and Gym Teacher when it comes to salary. So, my idea of a great bargain is something that is usable, but not always the prettiest thing in the world. Take my pickup for example. I purchased a 2004 Chevy Avalanche from a guy who's wife was just plain sick of looking at it everyday. I was in the market for what you would call a classic "huntin truck." Something that I could take to the mountain and not cry every time it got scratched or dented. Something with 4 wheel drive and a heater. This Avalanche checked all those boxes, with a couple of extra perks.

Also included are:

  • 35 in tires
  • custom rims
  • In dash audio system
  • 8 in Alpine monitors in the headrest
  • A CB radio (complete with built in PA speaker in grill)
  • A built in power converter
  • custom heavy duty front and rear bumpers
  • and the best part...Custom mudflaps made out of recycled snowmobile tracks

All the this redneck truck I purchased for $2500.


Now, what's the catch?

Well, it does have 254,000 miles on it. I have already lost a tire while going 55 mph on the highway. I blew out my entire rear end towing a boat to the lake on Memorial day. And the battery dies weekly. It is safe to say that the pickup needs a little love.

That's why I called on the crew of J&K Customs to help add some life and even more style to my "huntin truck." These guys DO IT ALL, when it comes to off-road vehicles. Everything from stereo systems to lift kits, and everything in between.

So far in the pimping process, my buddies at J&K Customs gave the Avalanche a safety check. And good thing they did, as we immediately discovered a critical problem with my ball joints and an issue with the knuckle that holds the ball joints. Turns out, having a wheel sheer off at the hub while driving highway speed, is not good on old pickups. So, now I can go elk hunting knowing that I will get home safe and that my pickup will not become a permanent addition to the mountainous landscape.

Keep checking back for updates on the Pimp my Pickup process.

Check out their website OFFROADMT.COM

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