With The Dark Below's release quickly approaching, Bungie has detailed some of the exclusive content coming to the PlayStation versions of Destiny.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Bungie discussed the new expansion for Destiny, and the special missions and gears that is only available on Sony platforms. First up is an all-new Strike dubbed The Black Garden, which takes place, you guessed it, on Mars' Black Garden. You'll have to battle the Vex machine-beast through "vine-laden pillars and decaying paths" if you're going to try to defeat The Undying Mind.

Additionally, PlayStation players will find have the chance to earn a really bad-ass gun. The 4th Horseman is the name of this four-barrel, five-shot shotgun that will help you defeat the evil undying Vex machine-beast. It has super-fast fire rates and comes with two passives. The first, Final Round, allows you to deal bonus damage with the last round of ammo and the second, Return To Sender gives you bonus ammo when you kill an enemy.

The Dark Below, along with this exclusive content, will be premiering at PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas, and will officially come out on Dec. 9. Season Pass holders get the expansion for free, while the stand-alone expansion will retail for $19.99.