Pop Evil have announced the first details for their fifth studio album, a self-titled set that is on target for a Feb. 16 release date. In addition to the new album, the group has also released the first single from the album, "Waking Lions."

Immediately, listeners will clue in to the song being one of the group's heaviest singles to date. Their hard rock interpolates a little bit of metalcore crunch into the riffing, giving their music a harder edge of texture. The song takes an upswing for a soaring chorus, with singer Leigh Kakaty moving between yelling and crooning with ease.

As for the video, it's primarily a performance piece for the band, but there is a conceptual portion centered on a kid on the run from an unseen pursuer, ultimately finding the courage in himself and realizing the power in his voice and warding off the threat with explosive impact, fitting with the "Waking Lions" theme in the song.

“This is a dawn of a new day for Pop Evil," says vocalist Leigh Kakaty. "The new lineup feels like a whole new chapter for us. We could not be more proud to lead off this new album cycle with 'Waking Lions,' sending a positive message to our fans.”

The group recorded the album back in June with producer Kato Khandwala, who has worked on records by the likes of The Pretty Reckless, Pierce the Veil, Papa Roach and more. This album marks the band's first record with new drummer Hayley Cramer who joined back in 2016 after the departure of Josh "Chachi" Marunde.

Kakaty spoke back in June on the album, saying, "The band is in such a great creative groove right now! After taking much-needed time off, we started the writing process in Michigan this past April and May, before heading to the Sound Emporium in Nashville. We have recorded close to 20 songs for the album and are now narrowing down our choices before heading to L.A. to finish the record. Our producer Kato has been a blessing and a pleasure to work with, and he’s the best devil’s advocate we’ve had in the studio!"

Check out "Waking Lions" above, and see the Pop Evil album art below.

Pop Evil Album Cover


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