Here we are! It is officially 2022. Hard to believe that two years ago we were told that this COVID thing was going to be over and done within two weeks. Talk about the longest two weeks of our lives, and it possibly felt even longer for those working in the service industry. Restaurants got hit hard in 2020 and even into 2021, with many places closing their doors for good. It was a daily battle for restaurants to figure out how to turn as many tables as possible, all while following strict health regulations.

Though many places closed, others struggled and survived. One of Missoula's favorite spots for great Asian food is one of the survivors. The Mustard Seed weathered the storm and is now aiming to go bigger. You may have noticed a new addition on Mary Ave. Located right behind the AMC Southgate 9, and just a few hundred feet from their current location is a brand new Mustard Seed location. The new location looks much larger, with brand new modern decor.

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The Mustard Seed recently posted photos of what you can expect from the new location.

Tomorrow (Wed 1/5) will be the final day you can eat at the Southgate Mall location. The Mustard Seed will be closed while they move to the new location. And even though it may not be far from the old location, there is no word on when the new location will be open for business.

So, is the new Mustard Seed still part of the Mall? Apparently not. Even though they are located near the Southgate Mall. It appears you cannot access the restaurant from the Mall.

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