If the Obama administration and Congressional leaders can't agree on a budget compromise, cuts commonly referred to as 'sequestration' will automatically be triggered by March 1.

Here in Missoula, Chief Administrator Bruce Bender says essential services such as law enforcement, fire and medical services would not be affected, however, agencies that depend on federal grants may suffer some losses through sequestration. One project Bender is concerned about is the state-funded Russell Street remodel. He said if the sequestration lasts for any length of time, funds such as those could be at risk.

City of Missoula Administrator Bruce Benter

Chief Administrator for Missoula County Dale Bickell says he is concerned about the ongoing remodeling at the county courthouse, a multi-year project funded in part by federal money. Bickell says the project is currently underway, and under contract, but payment could be delayed by the sequester. Bickell says much of his information is coming from the National Association of Counties.

County Administrator Dale Bickell