The little long dogs with the short legs sure can run fast. And they always draw a huge crowd at the annual Daly Days celebration in Hamilton. The noon "Wiener Dog Races" July 28th are open to all types of dachshunds - short-hair, long-hair and wire-haired. And, if there are enough chihuahua entrants, a special "hot dog" race will be conducted for that breed. There are some returning champions like "Gunny" and the races are always surprising. The course is bordered by the traditional hay bales at 4th and Main, in front of the Daly Days Stage. You should get there early for best view.

Preceding the dogs will be the humans. The second annual "Adult Musical Chairs" contest will be at 11 a.m. It's only for adults because the prize is a free adult-sized recliner from Bitterroot Furniture. The event will be held in the same location as the dog races and the usual rules will be applied. The adults will slowly circle a line of chairs as the music plays. One chair is taken away. When the music stops, whoever doesn't get to a chair is eliminated. The process continues until only one person remains. They will get the recliner. You can sign up Saturday morning at the KLYQ tent next to the Daly Days stage at 4th and Main. That's only part of the fun of Daly Days. We'll highlight more events this week right here.

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