The voting for the 2nd annual Rad DAd Father's Day photo contest has come to a close. And after tallying the votes, we have determined that the dad who has earned the title of the "coolest dad in western Montana."

After a week of voting, your voices have been heard and we are honored to give this year's Rad Dad prize package to......DRUM ROLL......Andrew Fowler!

Andrew's description of his photo submission reads:

This is my daughter Keltey and I with my old hotrod and her Radioflyer hotrod wagon that I both hand built. Keltey loves to cruise to car shows with me and hang out and take spins in her RAD wagon! I think this picture speaks for itself and that's why I think I am The Blaze's Rad Dad!!!

We got Andrew set up with a kick ass prize package, which includes:

  • 2 tickets to Chevelle at the Wilma
  • 2 tickets to ZZ Top and Jeff Beck at Ogren Park
  • $50 Gift Card to The Top Hat
  • 1 NEW Grill

Our runner ups this year fought a hard battle and deserve a hearty shout out.

2nd Place belongs to John Ross

3rd place goes to Ryan Joyner

Thanks to all the Dad' who entered this year's Rad Dad Father's day photo contest. You are all men that deserve the title of dad. Keep up the fine job, and even though we couldn't award you all for a "job well done," know that the little people you are raising are the REAL prize!

Happy Father's Day from 96.3. The Blaze!