Ich Bin Ein Berliner! JFK said it best while addressing Germany back in the day. It translates to "I'm a jelly doughnut". The German guys of Rammstein just could'nt get enough of the states when they made a short stop here back in 2010. Rammstein has announced another North American tour slated for this spring. Making the closest stop to us on May 14th in Tacoma, WA. Start saving up your road trip money now, because this is one show you have to see.
Rammstein is also releasing a new album on December 13th, titled "Made In Germany 1995 -2011". They recently put out a new video for the first track released off of the new album. It goes with the theme of old 1960's beach movies. It is "classically cheesy" and funny but keeps it real towards the end, with some gratuitous nudity and pyro.
Damn Germans can't seem to shake their obsession with David Hasselhoff. You will notice Frontman Till Lindemann does a damn good impersonation of some slow motion Baywatch in the video titled "Meinland"....ENJOY!

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