Plenty of people have decided they'd like to be on their local school board. The vote-by-mail school elections in Ravalli County are May 3rd, with mail-in ballots going out from the County Election Office around April 4th.

None of the school districts are running levy issues this year, but the Bitterroot Community College has a 9.75 mill levy on the ballot, along with their trustee elections, which are:

  • Two 3-year terms - Carrie Guarino, Debbie Pope Marci Smith.
  • One unexpired 1-year term - Paul Ashcraft, Bryce L. Bowman, Chad DeLong, Terri M. Lackey, Marlie Young.

Who's running in each of the seven Ravalli County public school districts?

Public school trustee candidates are:
Hamilton - two 3-year terms:

  • Heidi Apedaile, Cyra Saltzman, Rebekah Stamp, Mark W. Yoakam

Corvallis - two 3-year terms:

  • Cameron Criddle, Chris Hale, Kenneth Lewis, Todd Wyche

Darby - two 3-year terms:

  • Dale Flux, Andrea Wilson

Victor - two 3-year terms:

  • Tommy Doberstein, Ron Miller, Daniel Nixon, Paul Rosen, Ron Wirth

Stevensville - three 3-year elementary/high school terms:

  • Billy Donaldson, Stephanie Esch, Tony L. Hudson, Kristopher McKoy, Frances "Frannie" Schmitz

Lone Rock - two 3-year terms:

  • Kevin Hammons, Kerry J. Mason, Wayne Stanford, Paula Short

Florence-Carlton - two 3-year terms:

  • Kimberly R. Cellan Bauer, Matt Reeves, Matthew Roth
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If you're not registered to vote, you have until noon the day before the election to do so. That would be noon on Monday, May 2, with the school election on May 3.

Need information about your school district election? Corvallis - 406 961-4211, Darby 406 821-3841, Hamilton 406 363-2280 Ext 2512, Florence-Carlton 406 273-6751 Ext 103, Lone Rock 406 777-3314 Ext 220, Stevensville 406 777-5481 Ext 139, Victor 406 642-3221 Ext 264.

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