The primary election in Montana is June 7. However, absentee ballots in Ravalli County will be mailed Friday, May 13.

County Clerk and Recorder and Election Administrator Regina Plettenberg said unlike the recent school mail-in election, this mailing will be only to those who have requested absentee ballots. Plettenberg said, “Ballots are only going to go to absentee voters, so if your name is not on the list, you’re not going to receive one in the mail.”

Polls will be open June 7 at the usual locations, which are the valley’s public schools. So check your school district. Your polling place will be at the same place as in the last general election, unless you’ve moved. Then, you might need to register your new location and any other changes to be able to vote. Plettenberg said, “Voters can call my office or they can go online to, go to the voter page and check on registration.”

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primary ballots
Primary election ballots in Ravalli County. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)

The Clerk and Recorders office and the election office are in the Ravalli County Administration Center on the 200 block of south 4th Street in Hamilton.
Of course, there are Republican and Democratic Party ballots. You will vote one or the other – not both.

What’s on the Republican ballot?

All ballots will have the U.S. Representative contest.
1st Congressional District (vote for one)

  • Mitch Heuer
  • Matte Jette
  • Al "Doc" Olszewski
  • Mary Todd
  • Ryan Zinke
  • Ballots will have the following Ravalli County races.

  • Steve Holton
  • Clerk and Recorder/Superintendent of Schools

  • Regina Plettenberg
  • County Attorney/Auditor/Public Administrator

  • Bill Fulbright
  • Joan K. Mell
  • County Treasurer/Assessor/Surveyor

  • Dan Whitesitt
  • Ravalli County Commissioner District 1

  • Greg Chilcott
  • Ravalli County District 3

  • Jeff Burrows
  • David A. Eutsler
  • However, ballots in each District have different State Legislative Races.
    State Senate District 43

  • Jason Ellsworth
  • Joede Vanek
  • State Representative District 85

  • Michele Binkley
  • State Representative District 86

  • David Bedey
  • Jeffrey B. Jones
  • State Representative District 87

  • Ron Marshall
  • State Representative District 88

  • Alan Lackey
  • Wayne Rusk
  • What's on the Democratic ballot?

    All ballots will have the U.S. Representative contest.
    1st Congressional District (vote for one)

  • Cora Neumann
  • Monica Tranel
  • Tom Winter
  • There are no Democratic candidates for Ravalli County positions.
    However, Each District ballot has different State Legislative Races.
    State Senate District 43

  • John F. Schneeberger
  • State Representative District 85

  • Rosan Stover
  • State Representative District 86

  • Anne W. Brown
  • State Representative District 87

  • No candidate
  • State Representative District 88

  • Ko Moua
  • The non-partisan judgeship races will be on all Republican and Democratic ballots.
    Supreme Court Justice 1

  • Bill D'Alton
  • Jim Rice
  • Supreme Court Justice 2

  • James Brown
  • Ingrid Gustafson
  • Michael F. McMahon
  • District Court Judge District 21 - Dept 1

  • Howard Recht
  • Ravalli Co. Justice of the Peace - Dept 1

  • Jennifer Bedey Ray
  • Ravalli Co. Justice of the Peace - Dept 2

  • Scott E. Burlingham
  • Also on all ballot are two Ballot issues -
    A Ravalli County 3% Non-Medical Marijuana Excise Tax
    A Ravalli County 3% Medical Marijuana Excise Tax

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