Looks like we’ve got a real Heisenberg on our hands! According to reports that surfaced yesterday, a man, coincidentally with the same name and drug of choice as the famous fictional meth cook on ‘Breaking Bad‘ is now on the top of Alabama’s ‘Most Wanted’ list.

According to AL.com, Walter Eddy White from Tuscaloosa, AL, is wanted by authorities for violating his 2010 probation following his 2008 arrest for trafficking methamphetamine, unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and possession of precursored materials.

According to court documents, the 55-year-old violated his probation in January 2012 after another arrest for the same charges and failed to show up at his court appearance earlier this month.

Unfortunately, the real Walter White isn’t a science teacher, doesn’t wear a hat disguise, and there’s no sign of a meth cooking sidekick named Jesse Pinkman either (that we know of anyway). But since the timelines of this story match up to the show’s 2008 debut, we’re kind of wondering if this is just a really strange coincidence or real-life inspiration.

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