The record breaking sky dive attempt was aborted earlier this week. The weather at the launch site in Roswell,NM was unfavorable for launching a balloon 120,000 feet into the air. But the possibility of the weather offering up a window for launch could happen this Sunday (10/14)

According to the mission's website

One of the main concerns for the first part of the launch is simply getting the balloon and capsule off the ground safely. We want to make sure winds are relatively calm….not just at the surface but all the way to 800 feet above the ground. The flight train is about 730 feet long which means conditions have to be uniform for that entire height.

Good news as the team continues its effort to reach 120,000 feet for Felix’s supersonic freefall attempt. The soonest opportunity to safely launch is Sun. Oct. 14 here in Roswell, NM.

Depending on the weather cooperating, the launch is set for 6am on Sunday (10/14)

See pilot, Felix Baumgartner, prepare for the supersonic sky dive from space.

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