The NCAA basketball tournament has been a good time this year. After a year of lockdowns and sports cancelling seasons. A little bit of normalcy has returned this spring with the annual tournament. In 2021 bars and restaurants are slowly reopening across the country. Making the viewing of sports like the NCAA tournament return to being more of a socializing event. When it comes to local sports bars to belly up to and watch college hoops or any other televised sports, Red's Bar is a go to destination in Missoula.

For anyone that has ever stepped foot in Red's Bar, you recall all of the wall to wall sports memorabilia. And a large percentage of these pieces of sports memorabilia are not just rare helmets, pennants or jerseys purchased as a decoration. These pieces of memorabilia all have stories behind them, and personalized autographs from star players. Even professional sports players with roots or association with Missoula. One of those special irreplaceable pieces has recently been stolen. And Red's Bar wants it back.

According to a Facebook post from Red's Bar this past weekend, a customer thought it would be funny if she swiped one of the priceless pieces of sports history. The customer was captured on camera in the act of the theft, and Red's Bar wants to give the woman a chance to return the jersey. If the jersey doesn't get returned, then Red's Bar will have to "pursue further action."

If you happen to recognize the woman in the following pictures, let her know it would be smart to return the jersey.

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