Update: According to TMZ, Perla Hudson says Slash's claims that they were never married is "very hurtful to me and disrespectful to our children." She adds, "It's humiliating and disrespectful to our family." She later reveals that she and Slash got married twice.

In December of 2014, Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash filed to divorce his wife Perla Hudson (formerly Ferrar), whom he married in October of 2001. It appears the divorce proceedings have hit a snag on a bizarre technicality that indicates Slash and Perla were never lawfully married in the first place.

The report comes from TMZ, who report that Slash is attempting to get a judge to confirm that he was not married to Perla as she was never properly divorced after her first marriage. Perla was married to Carlos Marty for one month in 1993 and though they filed for divorce, the paperwork was apparently improperly filed regarding a final judgement.

The couple learned of this when applying for dual citizenship for their son Cash, and Perla alleges that everything was handled in 2009 when a judge retroactively made the divorce effective dating back to 1994. This nuance has driven a wedge between the two as Slash now aims to seek judgement that will find he was never lawfully wedded to Perla, which will of course result in Slash retaining his full earnings over the course of those 13 years since they first believed to have made their marriage official in 2001.

However, a judge will still have the power to declare that Slash and Perla were married between 2001 and 2013, thus entitling Perla to a percentage of Slash's earnings.

Slash filed for divorce before announcing his return to Guns N' Roses, then embarking on a 2016 summer tour that saw the band rake in over $117 million over the course of 25 performances.

Update: TMZ caught up with Slash's ex-wife on the street and she offered a little insight into what's been going on:

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