He’s a farmer and rancher from Helena, as well as the former Republican Party Chairman for Lewis and Clark County and his name is Joe Dooling, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Dooling appeared on Talk Back on Wednesday and spoke of his ag background as he and his brothers worked their family ranch. He tied that rural upbringing to his reaction to the Tweet Storm now raging in Washington, D.C. between President Trump and what is now known as ‘The Squad’ which includes Representatives Alexandra Ocasio Cortez and Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Talib.

“I listen to a lot of old country music when I’m in my combine and I’m a real Merle Haggard fan, so when you’re running down the country ‘you’re on the fighting side of me’,” said Dooling. “Clearly, ‘The Squad’ as they are called, they don’t offer any solutions. They’re not bringing forward bills, they’re not doing a bipartisan approach to fixing America, they’re just critical of America, and if you disagree with them you’re automatically a racist, so where do you go from there? It just makes the situation even more dysfunctional.”

Dooling believes the likely Democrat candidate for the U.S. House seat will be Kathleen Williams, who lost to Greg Gianforte two years ago.

“She’s from Berkley, California, with Berkley values,” he said. “The Democrat party has definitely moved far to the left and Kathleen Williams has done a good job trying to distance herself from some of those crazy stances, but at some point she still has to own them. She’s very knowledgeable about water as I am, but I actually am an irrigator, so I have to be knowledgeable. She knows a lot of issues, but as I watched her in those debates against Greg Gianforte, I know I can hold my hold my own ground against her.”

Dooling also said he is tired of seeing Montana’s lone Congressional seat be a revolving door.

“No matter who gets elected they’ll start at the bottom,” he said. “We’re one lone voice in the House of Representatives from Montana, We’ve had the 5th one in the last 15 years and that’s just ridiculous, it just makes no sense. I’m running to be your Congressman. I don’t want to be Governor, or a United States Senator. I’m going to represent the people as long as they will let me, and when I’m done I’ll go back to my ranch.”

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