Last week we told you about the new AC Hotel opening in downtown Missoula, right next to the Residence Inn at the Mercantile, they're both Marriott hotels and even share valet service. They are totally different places though, I've never stepped foot inside the new Mercantile, but the AC Hotel seems intriguing, so we checked in on Friday. I took some photos that you can see below.

The AC Hotel is right at the corner of Pattee and Main, the room we got was on the 3rd floor overlooking Main, so a great view of two Missoula landmarks, the peace sign on Waterworks and the 'L' on Mount Jumbo. The room itself was pretty spacious with room for two chairs and a table in front of the window. There is a nice bench with seats to throw your bags and take your shoes off, and a small closet space to hang coats and clothing.

There's a safe and a really nice little refrigerator, although I didn't see a microwave. But they did have a coffee set available. The bathroom has one of those sliding doors and no fan, so be warned, if you make any kind of noise in there, the whole room will hear it. The toilet is square and I imagine pretty sturdy for bigger humans, and the shower is nice with two options for the shower head, one on the ceiling so you can feel like you're getting clean in the rain, and a removable shower head to rinse off. The bed mattress had divots in it, like maybe it could double as a futon, and they gave us a little bag of lavender to help our slumber.

The AC Hotel doesn't have a full menu, just a "European" style breakfast buffet for $16, but they'll bring in delivery from local restaurants. There's a little store like you see in most hotels. and a really nice, spacious fitness area. And there are meeting and banquet rooms, it could be a cool spot for a smaller wedding reception.

When we checked in, they told us that the hotel was "European inspired", I didn't notice anything European about it, maybe I'm uncultured. It's a beautiful, very modern hotel though, and everyone was super nice and friendly. The AC Hotel Lounge is pretty boujee, I think a lot of Missoulians have been popping in there for a drink just to check the place out. There are 6 floors with a rooftop bar in the works for the 7th floor, which should be done this summer.

All in all, I give it a 4.5 outta 5, it's nice, new, the staff is friendly, and it's not so fancy that you feel out of place. If I didn't live here, it would be my pick for a place to stay for shows at the Wilma.

See Missoula's New AC Hotel

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