Yellowstone is pretty much the biggest show on broadcast television right now, and it has made Montana seem like a pretty appealing place for a lot of people. Especially since they began actually filming in the state beginning with Season 4.

Since then, several Missoula landmarks like the Missoula County Courthouse or Ruby's Cafe have become filming locations; tons of local extras have taken part in scenes set around Missoula, Hamilton, and Darby; and even the upcoming Yellowstone spinoff is eyeing some key Montana locations for filming.

Is it any wonder that people who've never been to Montana end up seeing the show and think to themselves, "Hey, I'd like to live there?"

People Magazine Reports That Trendy Rich People Are Moving to Montana Thanks to Yellowstone

People Magazine recently published an article detailing Yellowstone's impact on the state of Montana. They get into the economic aspects of the actual production (about $72 million was spent while they were here, with another $85 million being distributed across different businesses), but then they start talking about the effect the show has had on popular culture's impression of Montana.

Specifically, rich people who watch the show are buying huge swaths of property in the state - and that, of course, is part of what has been causing housing prices to skyrocket in Montana over the past couple of years. Montana's becoming more densely populated and a lot busier - which is exactly the kind of lifestyle that a lot of these people were trying to get away from by coming here.

Yellowstone is currently in the area doing some filming for their upcoming season. Calls for local extras are going out pretty frequently.

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