It's May-Tallica and Rob Scallon has been celebrating accordingly by uploading one unique Metallica-inspired video each week. The third video showcases the YouTube phenom rolling off riffs from every single song the thrash legends have ever written... in under four minutes!

The thrash de force is mentally exhausting when beginning to think about Scallon's preparation to record this ode. This isn't just a bunch of truncated riffs spliced together; the guitarist runs through every song in order of appearance chronologically through the Metallica discography in what appears to be a single take. Seamlessly transitioning from riff to riff to riff, he shows little hesitation which is staggering considering he's spanning over 100 songs.

The funniest moment of the video comes early, following his nod to the Kill 'Em All track "Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)," shouting out "Whiplash!" which served as the sole tribute to the thrash anthem.

Earlier in the month, Scallon's May-Tallica festivities saw him pay two odd tributes to the band, first performing "Master of Puppets" on a banjo. The weirdness didn't stop there and the video was interrupted by a keytar solo before returning to the regularly scheduled banjo programming. For his second video, Scallon picked up the ukulele to rip through a blistering and tropical rendition of "Blackened" from their fourth album, ...And Justice for All.

By the end of 2016, Scallon may have some new tracks to add to his medley. Metallica have been hard at work on their follow-up to 2008's Death Magnetic, strongly suggesting the new record would be out by late this year, and, at the worst, early in 2017. The biggest update so far came when drummer Lars Ulrich stated that the album is "mostly done."

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