Despite only releasing four full-length studio albums, Rage Against The Machine are responsible for some of the most iconic guitar riffs in all of rock music. Combining a unique mix of heavy metal, punk rock and grooves made their songs timeless and instantly recognizable. Their style has become a mainstay inspiration for many young musicians, so of course YouTube guitar sensation Rob Scallon had to play every riff in their catalogue in just three minutes.

In addition to showing off how great a guitarist he is, these discography play through videos are great thanks to the fact that you can get reminded of just how great Rage's songwriting was. From the early days of the self-titled album, the anthemic beats of "Killing in the Name Of" to the grooves of "Bullet in the Head" show huge leaps in diversity from one track to the next.

It gets better as time goes on, with Evil Empire showing off the wild kind of picking Tom Morello would eventually bring into Rage. It all sounds exhilarating, with the big room revolution of The Battle of Los Angeles as kick ass as ever with its pounding work. It all caps off on Renegades, featuring a mix of excellent covers the band adapted to their own style from a variety of different genres.

Last month, we caught Rob on YouTube pulling off what might be his craziest stunt as of yet, which was using a total 45 different instruments, all played by him, to incorporate in one song. He's also not slacking when it comes to covering other artists, plowing his way through every riff from System of a Down and Metallica, as well as covering "For Whom the Bell Tolls" using a variety of bells to bring it to its most literal form.

Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk have continued going strong with Prophets of Rage, staying active and releasing new songs in the supergroup. Just last week they unleashed the new song "Living on the 110," a track that'll help them further reach their goal of "providing the soundtrack for the movement that dethrones the Trump administration."

Check out Rob Scallon above!

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