This month, we kick off SUMMER with METAL! Ceres is taking the stage at the Rustic Hut in Florence this Saturday night. Ceres has been hard at work cranking out new mind bending music. And, they are can't wait to share their new jams as well as your favorites. In support of Ceres, they will also be joined on stage by the very talented Demon Doll and Boldly Stride the Damned. Three kick ass metal bands for the low low price of FREE.

Members of both Ceres and Demon Doll joined me in the 96.3 The Blaze studio to discuss the upcoming show. As well as share with us some new music the have released.

Up first we have the latest from Ceres, called "Smoke Screen." I asked Ceres frontman, Paul, what the song meant for him. He explained "the song is about being and feeling stuck in a failed relationship and realizing that you are settling without knowing a way out."

Demon Doll also has new music they are looking to share at the upcoming show. One of those song, is a new release they call "Predatory." Demon Doll lead singer, Maggie, explained what this song is all about. Saying "The song is about a predatory man. A person who only wants to be with you physically and doesn't care about your friendship. An individual who you thought you were friends with. But they don't actually care."

Both bands will be taking the stage this Saturday at the Rustic Hut in Florence. FREE SHOW, 21 plus, music starts at 9p.

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