Several rockers have reported bizarre UFO sightings last night (April 15) in Arizona and Southern California. Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce, Dorothy, From First to Last's Matt Good and others have taken to Twitter to discuss what they saw, and the replies to their tweets confirm that many people also witnessed similar phenomena.

Bruce said he saw a lot of UFOs flying in a straight line, spaced evenly apart from each other and reappearing from the same location. Dorothy, who lives near San Diego, explained that they were not flashing, moved fast and didn't make a sound the way an airplane would.

Some Twitter users sent links to videos of SpaceX Starlink Satellites in response, but the musicians deny that the appearance of what they saw was similar to the satellites. Good chimed in, adding that he saw the UFOs too, and that they were not satellites.

The news got the attention of Fox 10 Phoenix, who are imploring Valley residents who saw the UFOs to send in any footage they may have captured.

Amidst all the nonsense going on in the world right now, the last damn thing we really need is an alien invasion. See some tweets of peoples' UFO sightings below.

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