UPDATE: Royal Blood's performance can be seen in the Instagram video further down this page.

It's important to know your audience, which is probably why Royal Blood are thinking outside of the box by playing a virtual concert as avatars during the 2021 Bloxy Awards.

There ceremony was created by Roblox, the global online platform for immersive multiplayer experiences, and in the midst of their upcoming Bloxy Awards, Royal Blood will perform a three-song set for the viewing audience and in the process they'll debut their new song "Limbo" from the band's upcoming album Typhoons. And yes, they'll appear as avatars during the performance.

The Bloxy Awards experience, taking place this Saturday (March 27) at 3PM ET / 12N PT, is open to all and takes attendees through four distinct environments on a voyage across the Roblox Metaverse. Each experience will spotlight multiple category winners, and midway through the experience those taking part will witness the exclusive virtual performance from Royal Blood in a space-themed concert venue.


“We are thrilled to perform virtually in front of the Roblox community,” stated band members Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher. “This promises to be a real cosmic experience. Strap yourselves in - we look forward to seeing you there.”

“Royal Blood have always been a forward-thinking band and so it is fitting that they play inside Roblox this year and introduce a whole new audience to their incredible sound,” said Phil Christie, President, Warner Records U.K.

“The creativity of the Roblox community powers the experiences on our platform, and the social connections players make while sharing these experiences are deeply enriched by music.” said Jon Vlassopulos, Vice President and Global Head of Music for Roblox. “We're thrilled to host Royal Blood as we celebrate the talent of our creators with the greater Roblox community in this immersive, out-of-this-world Metaverse experience.”

Those interested can catch the performance via the Roblox Platform this Saturday (March 27) at 3PM ET / 12N PT. The Bloxy Awards will also replay every hour between March 27 and April 6 inside the Bloxy experience on Roblox and a full version of the show will be uploaded to YouTube 10 days after the first show airs.

Royal Blood's new album, Typhoons, is due April 30 via Warner Records. The album has already spawned the singles "Trouble's Coming" and the title track. You can pre-order the album here (As Amazon affiliates, we aren on qualifying purchases).

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