We were already anticipating the album from Alex Lifeson's new band but when we heard the lead singer had Montana roots, we had to hear 'em, and their sound is impressive and SO good.

Envy of None

Alex Lifeson, co-founder, guitarist, and backing vocalist for legendary Canadian band Rush, has started a new group called Envy of None, you may have heard us talk about them on the air. The band features Andy Curran of 80s Canadian band Coney Hatch, producer/engineer Alfio Annibalini, and singer-songwriter Miah Wynne of Spokane.

Who is Miah Wynne?

According to her family and friends here in Missoula, Miah's grandparents are Missoulians who still live here, and her parents grew up here. An aunt tells me Miah got her start here in Missoula playing places like Imagination Brewing, Break Espresso, and The Badlander.

The big question - are they any good?

YES. Upon my first listen to the song "Liar" my socks were blown clean off. Miah has a truly unique and impressive voice, and, it's Alex Lifeson, c'mon, it's gotta be good. Being in radio my first thoughts always go there and I see this one getting radio play for sure. I feel like this band is going to be big in 2022. Check out the video for "Liar" below, along with their Instagram post about the response they're getting. They even got coverage in Rolling Stone!

Technically, the project is Miah and Andy Curran's band and they asked Alex Lifeson to guest on a few songs, it went so well that they will release a full album together. 'Envy of None' is set for an April 8th release date and is said to include a tribute to the late Neil Peart.

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