We may have had a pretty good amount of snow this winter, but that still may not prevent the inevitable fire season in our state. It is almost like we have 6 seasons. Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, Road Construction and Fire.

We owe a lot of thanks to our neighbors and people from all over the country, that step up each year to help defend us from wildfires. It is a VERY dangerous job and lives can be lost. In 2013, 19 firefighters were lost in an Arizona wildfire. When a fire crew gets over run by a fire, and have nowhere to escape, their only chance at survival is using there emergency shelter. The shelter has been issued to wildland firefighters since the late 70's. But, it is basically a space blanket, that turns the firefighter into what looks like a baked potato. They will help for a matter of seconds, but when in contact with direct flames, they don't hold up long.

According to Upworthy, scientists in North Carolina are developing a new kind of fabric, that firefighters can use to save their lives. They have designed a new type of fabric that is portable and can last for minutes instead of seconds, when up against a direct flame. Let's hope this new technology will bring more of our heroes home.

God bless our wildland firefighters.


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