I was never a fan of the hit HBO series "Game of Thrones" while it was airing. I only became a fan after I binge-watched the entire series on HBO. It took me the better part of the initial pandemic quarantine to watch it. I remember thinking at the end of every season, "WOW! I couldn't imagine having to wait an entire year to watch the next season. It must have been torture." Well, now I can honestly say that I know that feeling. The thought of having to wait for an entire trip around the sun, until I can watch more Yellowstone, is torture.

The good news is Season 5 of Yellowstone has begun filming and will be making its way to Montana for filming this Spring.

According to the Ravalli Republic

Current plans call for pre-production work to begin in mid to late March, with filming to get underway May 15 and run through the middle of August.

It appears that a large majority of the upcoming season will be filmed, yet again, in western Montana. So much so that the production crew is looking for housing in the valley.

It takes a lot of hands to make such an amazing show work, and those crew members need a place to lay their heads. Some crew members even have families and their pets join them during filming.

If you know of anyone in the Bitterroot Valley that has a spare room available, or even a house for rent, contact YS5Housing@gmail.com

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