Now that you've caught on to howling each night at 8 p.m., let's see your families doing their best and loudest howls! Quick background on this movement, a Missoulian named Amy started the "Howl For Missoula" Facebook group with the following instructions.

Attention Missoulians!! Each night at 8:00 pm while in “shelter-in-place”, please head outside your home and HOWL or CHEER for our health care workers, those on the front lines as well as remind others in our community that they’re/we’re not alone. For ALL of the essential workers out there, let’s let them know HOW MUCH we appreciate the sacrifices they are making during this challenging time. This is a great way to show our support……so please step outside to get some fresh air, and HOWL! (It really is refreshing!! I promise!) This is a great way to come together so cheer as loud as you can! We got this Missoula!


In the first couple of days, Amy got more than 700 members and was thrilled, as of tonight, 4/3, just 4 days later, the group boasts more than 7,300 howlers! Not only does this help our community collectively recognize and celebrate essential workers, but it also brings feelings of unity and the kids LOVE participating and have something to look forward to each night.

We want to celebrate your awesomeness by making a video starring all of you howling at 8 p.m. And please make these "selfies," not just video of the sound you are hearing in your 'hood, we want to hear YOU! Use your Alt 101.5, 96.3 The Blaze, 94.9 KYSS FM or 107.5 Zoo FM app to upload your video to be included. Be safe and KEEP HOOOOWWWWLLLLING, Missoula!!

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