Statistics show that 80 percent of college students engage in sexting, and a quarter of women in the more cougarish age bracket of 35-44 do it, too. That’s a whole lot of sexytalk flying around for free — until now. Welcome to paid phone sex for the modern age.

Vanessa Marie, founder of, is capitalizing on the sexting trend by hiring women ready to provide guys with professional, private and entertaining SMS messages — completely anonymously.

“Sexting is so prevalent … I see an opportunity there,” she said. “Everybody’s doing it, but nobody’s talking about it.”

You and the girl you choose off the website can exchange texts and photos to your little heart’s (or wallet’s) content. “For many women, it feels a lot more like play than it does work,” Marie said. “Texting also offers a higher level of flexibility, safety and privacy than do other sex-industry professions.”

Even if our male readers aren’t interested in partaking of the sexting services on the receiving end, maybe the ladies among you would like to pick up a little extra cash doing a job that would certainly give you a lot to talk about at parties (and a really unusual bullet point on your resume).

If so, drop an email to or text us, and we’ll give you a little side cash. Make it dirty.

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