We have all had them. Random thoughts that just POP into your head. Thoughts that make you think: "Am I some sort of genius or was I just dropped on my head as a child?" Nick Offerman calls them "SHOWER THOUGHTS," and they can be mind-blowing.

Nick Offerman will be LIVE at the Adams Center on Saturday September 30th. If you and a friend want to WIN YOUR WAY IN, as well as meet Nick Offerman (a.k.a Ron Swanson), share with us your shower thoughts. We will choose our favorites and put them to a vote. You could be the winner of 1 pair of tickets and M+G passes for the upcoming Full Bush Tour stop at the Adams Center.

Enter as many shower thoughts as you need. Deadline Friday 9/21. Voting Begins 9/22. Winner announced 9/28.

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