Missoula Sheriff's Department Corporal Josh Volinkaty watches social media as part of his job, and his vigilance paid off recently.

Public Information Officer Brenda Bassett said Volinkaty read a Facebook post that struck a sympathetic note from a fellow bow hunter.

"Josh had seen a Facebook post about a gentlemen whose truck had been broken into and a bow had been taken out of his truck," Bassett said. "Being a bow hunter, he felt really bad for the guy. Then, last week he was at the evidence warehouse and noticed that there was a similar bow sitting on an evidence rack. So, the deputy started doing some digging and found out that the bow did indeed belong to the same gentleman who reported it missing."

Bassett said the bow was a Matthews Switchback worth over $500.00, and had various accessories attached.

"It was quite a nice bow, and you could tell by the accessories that were attached that this guy was an avid hunter," she continued. "Josh was very excited to contact the owner and say we have your bow. The owner was just so happy that he had it back, and being a hunter himself, Josh was glad to see it returned to its proper owner."

Bassett said social media is an excellent way to let people know about stolen property.

"If Josh (Deputy Volinkaty) hadn't seen that Facebook post, he might not have made the connection," she said. "That original post had hundreds of shares, and its such a powerful tool that you can use to let people know about any stolen property."

Bassett said the bow was recovered in a local park and was taken into custody as abandoned property, so no one has been charged with theft.

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