Summer is here and so are the bugs!

I am thankful that I haven't had a serious bout with mosquitoes just yet. Then again, I may have just cursed myself. One simple search online, and you can find dozens of different ways to keep mosquitoes at bay during the summer—everything from citronella candles to shredded "Irish Spring" soap.

Next to mosquitoes, my least favorite bug of summer is the yellowjacket. They always seem to be right where you need to be. Need to fix that old grill? BOOM! Yellowjacket nest! Need to get some things out of your shed? BOOM! Yellowjacket nest.

These angry little critters tend to make themselves at home in just about every corner of my property. Each summer I find myself having to gear up for battle as I attempt to destroy their nests. It's a delicate dance in the backyard.

I have discovered a life hack that has proven success at my home. A hack that tricks yellowjackets into thinking that a rival gang of sting-happy squatters has already taken up shop in your home.

Here is ALL you Need:

  • 1 PAPER shopping bag from the grocery store
  • Plastic shopping bags or crumpled newspaper.
  • 3 feet of string
  • Tape

This isn't going to be some crazy arts and crafts project. Simply stuff the paper bag with bunched-up plastic bags or newspaper. Create a ball and tape the top of the bag. Attach string using the tape.

You just created a FAKE yellowjacket nest. Hang it anywhere on your property where nests continue to show up. The potential squatters will see the real estate is taken and move on.

I have been doing this for the last 2 summers and it has made a BIG difference in the amount of nests I find around my home.

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