The Chamberlin Rail Jam is finally here! It's time to head down to Caras Park to listen to live DJs and check out the moves of the contestants as they grind their way down the rails. But how do you know which moves to look out for? Which ones are more impressive than others? We've put together a list of tricks by snowboarders and skiers for you to watch out for at this year's Rail Jam.

If you have another favorite trick that you think will be making an appearance this weekend, please share a video with us in the comments below!


  • Ski: Backside Switch Up Front side 270

    A 270 is 3/4 of a spin, this is something that will definitely be seen at the rail jam.

  • Ski: Switch Lipslide

    A lipside is when the back foot passes over the feature, or goes above the top or take-off point of the feature.

  • Ski: Outside 720

    In this trick, the skier turns outside, or away from the rail, when completing the turn.

  • Snowboard: Backside 360

    This is an aerial move where the rider makes a 360 degree rotation off the jump leading with the heel-side of the board.

  • Snowboard: Boardslide Fakie Out

    In a boardslide, the rider will be perpendicular to the feature (with the rail or box between the feet). To ride fakie means to ride the opposite stance that a boarder normally rides (goofy stance: right foot forward, regular stance: left foot forward).

  • Snowboard: Michael Jackson Slide

    This is one of the harder tricks. Rather than grinding flat on the rail, the rider grinds on the  front edge (toes) of your board.

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