Slayer and Anthrax are touring together this fall and there's one song that Slayer's Kerry King is probably hoping isn't part of Anthrax's set list -- "Bring the Noise."

Anthrax's collaboration with Public Enemy broke down many a genre barrier at the time, melding the band's heavy rocking styles with the hip-hop icons' rhymes and beats. And while the track was deemed influential in the boom of the rap-rock and nu metal that would come later in the decade, it's just a song that never connected for King.

Speaking with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, King stated, "Oh, I hated it, and they know it. It's not a secret or I wouldn't tell you. They don't play it a lot when we play together. Maybe it's cycled out of their set."

The Slayer guitarist once had his own collaboration with a hip-hop artist, rapper Ice-T, but defended that decision. "We did something with Ice-T back in the '90s, but it wasn't a crossover song. It was still a thrash song because Ice-T love thrash," stated King. "When [the Judgment Night soundtrack] was brought up initially for us to do, I was like, 'Nah, man, I don't want to be part of some rap song.' Nothing against rap, I like rap. I just didn't want Slayer to do that. And that's when the idea of Ice-T came up. I said, 'Yeah, we can do that.'"

Slayer and Anthrax will tour into late October with fellow metal vets Death Angel. Dates for the run can be found here.

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