The tortilla has hit the fan. Slipknot fans around the world have shared theories of Tortilla Man for months, but unfortunately, none of them have been correct. Loudwire has unmasked the newest member of Slipknot, capturing him on video.

After learning Tortilla Man was a world-class pianist, Reddit user Les_Connolly posted a promising theory that the new percussionist was Michael Pfaff, keyboardist for Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan’s side project Dirty Little Rabbits. A mountain of supporting evidence was gathered to add credibility toward the theory, but it was ultimately incorrect.

Other fan theories have included Orange Amplifiers rep Daniel Darby and an unidentified Slipknot crew member who seemed to be wearing identical shoes to Tortilla Man onstage.

The mystery of the Tortilla has been one of the year’s biggest stories, but it’s finally been solved. “I’d just like to finally tell you, I’m Tortilla Man from the band Slipknot,” Gilbert Gottfried tells Loudwire via Cameo. He went on to spill further information on his new role before pondering what Corey Taylor would think.

Watch the video above to see Tortilla Man’s face for yourselves. For tickets to the remaining dates on Slipknot’s Knotfest Roadshow, click here.

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