Slipknot don't just top music charts — they top whiskey charts as well.

The band's No. 9 Iowa Whiskey Reserve was chosen as the "best celebrity-related whiskey" by Forbes, particularly noted in taster Fred Minnick's "Best American Whiskey: A Taste Off." If you missed your shot at grabbing a bottle in 2019, you have another chance! The liquor goes on sale for the first time this year on April 17. Get it here.

In addition to best celebrity-related whiskeys, Minnick also had categories for best wheat whiskey, best barrel finish, best non-Kentucky bourbon, best Kentucky bourbon, best Tennessee, best blend of straights and best rye.

The critic also sat down with Slipknot's own Shawn "Clown" Crahan for a two-part podcast, the first of which became available today and can be streamed below. The second installment will be out Friday, April 17.

Whiskey is pretty much a symbol of the rock and metal community, so it's no surprise that Slipknot aren't the only band with their own brand. There's Metallica's Blackened, which was introduced in 2018. Alice in Chains announced their "All Secrets Known" bourbon this past fall. Motorhead have had special edition releases — the list goes on.

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