"Good Bye seal meat and whale blubber. Hello Diarrhea" Imagine living in rural Alaska. Going to get fast food means being able to hit a rabbit with your seal spear. In Bethel, Alaska fast food chains are 400 miles away. If you find yourself with the "late night munchies" or wanting a "fourth meal." It would cost you a $500 round trip ticket to Anchorage. But residents of Bethel were stoked to hear the news that they would soon get a local Taco Bell.

Residents were super bummed after finding out that the glorious news was a hoax. It was the result of a feud between two Bethel residents. Supposedly one guy put out a flyer announcing the arrival of a Taco Bell and that they were hiring. He put his enemy's number on the flyer.

According to foxnews.com "Taco Bell executives learned of the mix-up and arranged an enormous feast for Sunday. They plan to fly enough ingredients in from Anchorage to make 10,000 tacos."

It is gonna arrive just in time for their 4th of July celebration. Better build a couple more outhouses with sunroofs. So people can watch the fireworks from the can.

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