When it was announced that the great Bill Hader would be returning to 'SNL' to host this week's episode, everyone crossed their fingers and hoped for one thing: the glorious return of Stefon. And lo and behold, the comedy gods answered and the greatest character in modern 'Saturday Night Live' graced 'Weekend Update' yet again.

The only people happier than us to see Stefon pop up must be the studio audience, whose cheers threatened to derail the entire sketch. Things got off to an instantly great start, with Stefon not comprehending that 'Weekend Update' has two new hosts before coming to terms with it and embracing it in the most non-PC way possible.

The rest of the scene followed the usual Stefon beats, but thats really all we could ask for. The hosts ask him to make a recommendation for people visiting New York and he goes into extreme detail about a series of clubs that sound genuinely bizarre, terrifying and un-fun. As always, the real comedy comes from the fact that Hader can barely keep a straight face throughout the entire thing. This time around, his co-stars struggle as well, constantly stumbling over their lines. As always, 'SNL' is at its best when the performers themselves are having the most fun.

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