We received the mail on Friday and Front Desk Debbie brings me this letter that looks a lot like this chain mail we get where we're supposed to insert a station sticker and send it to the next person. That's not what it was.

The letter was a hand written note (when was the last time you wrote and snail mailed somebody a letter!?) and check from a listener. The guy was seeking redemption for a promise he made to us more than a decade ago.

Dear Angel,

More than 10 years ago, I pledged $25 to a cause The Blaze was supporting. I failed to pay what I had promised. That was dishonest and a wrong move on my part. I would like to make it up to you by including a $25 check to The Blaze.



So this poor guy has been agonizing over this for many years and has finally gotten to a place in his life where he can afford to send the money he promised. Now that's integrity. KC compared it to the time Billy Madison called his old school chum to apologize for being a bully, which made us want to check Spencer's name off the list and put on lipstick. You know what we mean.

Now back in the day, KC and I woulda cashed this baby and bought lunch and a bottle of Jäger for ourselves, because we can't even remember what we were raising money for 10 years ago and we used to be immature pricks. Well, we're still immature, but now we're smart enough to know that the right thing to do is send Spencer a thank you card and Blaze t-shirt to his Idaho address.

We considered not cashing the check at all, but then decided that Spencer probably needs us to cash it so he can check this deed off his list. So, we're going to cash it and pay it forward with a random act of kindness.

Thanks Spencer! You give us hope that there is hope for humanity and that integrity still exists.

Spencer letter

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