When I think the people of Montana can't surprise me anymore, a recent "most searched" web rank is published, and we sit at the top for this searched culinary creation.

As I stumbled across the following information on some of Montanan's web search habits, I thought, "There have to be a million better things to search for in this state". Just off the top of my head things like:

  • How to cancel Yellowstone
  • Ways to fight housing costs
  • Make people stop moving to Montana
  • Where to sell kidneys to pay rent

You know, things that we all google presumably every week. But no. Montana ranks at the top of this two-word culinary creation.

Peanut Brittle

According to the Cultural Currents Institute, Montana ranks #1 for searches on Peanut Brittle and Peanut Brittle recipes. Go ahead and see the graph for yourself. 

Some of you might be asking "What is peanut brittle"? In short, it's a one-inch-ish thick layer of peanuts and peanut butter that has been turned into rock form solely designed to break your teeth and cut your throat open. The story goes, according to cultural currents:

It is believed that peanut brittle was invented by happy accident in the year 1890. It seems that a Southern woman was trying to make taffy, but added baking soda by mistake. She went ahead with the project anyway, determined not to waste ingredients, and in so doing invented peanut brittle. The rest, as they say, is history.

-Cultural Currents Institute

I guess there could definitely be a lot worse things we could be famous for searching for.

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