Max Cavalera has balanced a number of bands over the years, and his current focus is on Soulfly's next album. In an interview with Spotlight Report (seen above), Cavalera lays out the timeline for the band's next release.

While being interviewed at the Soundwave Festival about Killer Be Killed, and revealing that the band will continue beyond their currently album and touring, Cavalera dished about Soulfly's immediate plans as well. The group recently entered the studio with producer Matt Hyde to start work on their tenth studio album and Cavalera is apparently eyeing a late summer release for the disc.

"The next Soulfly comes out in August," says Cavalera in the video interview above. "I'm finishing the vocals right now. The music is all done. It was done with Matt Hyde in L.A. and it's incredible. [It's] a really good record. I'm very happy with this record. And I'm gonna be, probably … after the Soulfly album comes out, I'm probably gonna be one year or a year and a half on the road with Soulfly."

Soufly's current lineup includes Cavalera on vocals and guitar, along with guitarist Marc Rizzo, bassist Tony Campos and Max's son Zyon Cavalera on drums. Stay tuned for additional album and touring details.

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