45 year-old Emmitt Hogsten was charged with attempted deliberate homicide along with two other felonies and one misdemeanor in Missoula Justice Court on Tuesday.

Hogsten was accused of stabbing his wife, Jennifer several times in her abdomen, torso and neck while the two were talking in her Dodge truck. According to court records, Hogsten was trying to convince his wife to come back to him, and when she refused, he began stabbing her repeatedly with a 5 to 7 inch knife.

Mrs. Hogsten was able to exit the truck and enter a nearby business, Empire Building Materials, where employees there called for police and medical assistance. Hogsten was apprehended while still near the truck, and transported to the Missoula County jail. Mrs. Hogsten was taken to St. Patrick Hospital where she underwent several surgeries for her stab wounds.

According to the prosecuting attorney, the only reason Hogsten stopped stabbing his wife was because the handle broke off the knife.

The state asked for $1 million dollars bail, but Judge John Odlin set bail at $500,000. Hogsten will have a preliminary hearing later this month.

If convicted on all charges, Hogsten could receive a sentence of death, life in prison, or from 10 to 100 years in the Montana State Prison.

Emmitt Hogsten Court Appearance (edited)