Montana State Insurance Commissioner Monica Lindeen recently sent a letter to insurance companies regarding their responsibilities to assist families evacuated due to the Roaring Lion Fire to compensate them for living and housing expenses while away from their homes.

"Obvoiusely, with people having to evacuate on such short notice, that really does cause some extra living expenses," Lindeen said. "So, what I've done is sent a letter out to the agents of insurance companies asking them for their help with extra living expenses and assistance for those homeowners ordered to evacuate because of the wildfires."

Lindeen said some companies has already reached out to their clients and offered assistance.

"We have a couple of insurance companies who were already making sure that their policy holders have extra living expenses that are not subject to the deductible in their policy," she said. "These companies are also reaching out to their clients on the phone and helping with setting up defensive perimeters, which is awesome. There are other companies who have not stepped up to do that and so we have asked them to do so. I hope they're going to get out there and do the right thing for these folks."

Lindeen said it was too soon to have heard from policyholders about whether their home insurance companies have come through to repair or replace their homes.

"As folks are starting to go through this process of putting in for claims, I want to remind them that they can always call our office with any questions or problems at 1-800-332-6148." she said.

16 homes burned during the Roaring Lion Fire, with many more outbuildings, sheds and garages damaged or destroyed.

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