We are currently experiencing what some might call "third winter." It is something that happens fairly regularly this time of year. Spring weather followed by obnoxious winter storms. It is also a good reminder on how quickly people can forget how to drive in winter conditions.

According to the Herald Journal

Trooper Cade Brenchley had just gotten out of his car to check on another motorist after several slide-offs just below Big Curve area of Sardine Canyon. Another driver lost control of her car as she came around the curve and slid into Brenchley, throwing him 40 feet or more into the car he was going to check on.

When Brenchley arrived at the hospital, he was thoroughly examined for injury and came away with four broken ribs and a fractured scapula, something his doctor finds incredible after watching the video.

Trooper Brenchley is expected to make a full recovery.

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