Need to get your LIVE music fix? Tonight you can cure what ails you, with a live show at the Palace Lounge. The Stellar Corpses (Santa Carla, CA) will be bringing their Psychobilly music to Missoula tonight at 9pm. Kronos Kustoms and Bubs and Boards teamed up with Unwashed productions to set you up with this 18+ show. Check out JC's post here.

If you have never heard of the Stella Corpses or are unfamiliar with what to expect from a Psychobilly show. Well today's Vidiot should get you a pretty good example of how it is going to go down tonight at The Palace. Today's pick was also my 5 o'clock Temper Tantrum song today so if you are a member of the Blaze Rock Mob you can also score 2500 points by typing in the title of the song here.

Now, I present to you our feature presentation:

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