School has been really strange for most students so far in the fall of 2020. Between the distance learning and the staggered classes, it has been a struggle for both parents and students. While Missoula County has seen a fair share of COVID 19 cases lately, Ravalli County has seen a slow, but gradual uptick in cases. Some of those cases have hit the Ravalli County Public Schools. Hamilton School District just reported their first case on COVID 19 last week. Now Stevensville Public School has announced their first encounter with the virus.

On October 7, 2020, the Stevensville School District received notice from the Ravalli County Health Department that a student tested positive for COVID-19. The positive test was confirmed on October 7, 2020 The District will be working with the Ravalli County Health Department to conduct contact tracing and provide notice to those individuals determined to be close contacts during the infectious period.

The student last attended in person-to-person contact with fellow students and staff at the Stevensville Public Schools on October 6, 2020. Based on this date and the known contagious period, Ravalli County Health Department will determine necessary contact tracing.

In a follow up letter sent to parents, shortly after the announcement, Superintendent Robert Moore writes

Based on current Covid 19 contact tracing, lack of substitutes, and an abundance of caution, I have elected to send students home at 1:30 pm today. Please plan for all students to convert to distance learning until further  notice. 
The Board will determine the length of closure. There will be an emergency Board meeting tonight at 7:00 pm via Zoom to determine length of closure.


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