Don't toss those trees into the landfill, you are not too late to recycle your Christmas tree. Eleven days into the new year, your tree maybe lying in the yard where it was tossed during holiday clean up. Or maybe you're like us, and set your tree outside in it's stand, and now they are frozen together. Or perhaps you still need to take the tree down. No matter what level of undecorating you are in, be sure to get that tree to the recycling pile by close of business this Friday, January 15th.

There are three drop off locations. You'll see the huge pile at Playfair Park, which is the park near Splash Montana, at the intersection of Bancroft and Pattee Creek. If you're closer to downtown there's a drop off at McCormick Park, which is near Currents, off the Orange Street Bridge. And the third place is Fort Missoula Regional Park, west of Community Hospital ER.

The City insists that you do not drop off yard waste, garbage, tree stands, and please please be sure all decorations are removed. Also, don't be a turd and drop off after the 15th, trees won't be picked up. You can call 721-PARK if you have further questions, but it's a pretty straight forward deal.

If you'd like to make a donation for your tree disposal, you can do so HERE. Funds will go to teaching kids to swim, planting trees in our community, and other local activities.

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