So far this summer I have been eaten alive by mosquitoes, burned 4 times and suffered from dehydration. I think it is clear that I am not doing something right. Temperatures have been rather mild so far this summer. But, the summertime temps are starting to show themselves. Montana has always been a state that has extreme weather patterns. Whether it be extremely cold temperatures in the winter, to extremely hot temperatures in the summer. But, I have always favored cold winter weather over hot summer weather. Why? because you can always put on another layer of clothing in the winter. But, you can only take off so many layers in the summer... Before becoming offensive to the public. There is only one thing to do. Adapt and overcome the heat. Over the last few years I have noticed tons of great tips on how to defeat some of life's curve balls, with the help of life hacks.

The following are some fun life hacks that everyone should try this summer. Whether you are at the river, camping or just throwing a BBQ in your backyard. Easy tricks you can do using items from around the home. Cool drinks that will hydrate and cool your body. Listening to your favorite music wile you soak in the river. Even hacks on how you can make ice that creates less mess. 20 life hacks that everyone should try this summer. Stay cool!

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