The 2020 hunting season is behind us. The holidays are here. And, for many hunters and huntresses, their freezers are NOT full.

It is clear that not every trip to the field results in someone bagging a beast. In fact, the success rate on most big game always falls below 50%. Regardless, at the end of the day, a person has got to eat. Thankfully there is TAG SOUP.

After every hunting season, you will see unfortunate hunters talk about "eating TAG SOUP." Meaning that the only sustenance that they have to show from a failed hunting season, is the state issued "TAG." The only problem being, the state issued TAGs are hard to digest. Kamp Cook Kitchens has developed a product that not only consists of hearty vegetable beef soup, but also includes an edible TAG. The TAG is simply made from potato starch and water and edible ink.

Tag Soup is a great way to mess with your buddies. Especially the friend who may have missed one to many opportunities to bag a critter. Maybe you have a hunting partner that you want to prank this holiday season? Or, shall I recommend, you stock your own pack with some yummy chow.

This year, Tag Soup features more options for everyone in your hunting party.

Tag Soup for Her (Premium Hot Cocoa and Chocolate Covered Marshmallows)


Tag Tacos (Vegetarian Meat Substitute with our own Tatanka Taco Seasoning and Tortilla Chips)


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Photo by Parker Hopkins
Photo by Parker Hopkins

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